A pair of mating ospreys are causing trouble for construction crews working Homosassa. Specifically, over the weekend they built a nest on top of a crane that's being used to build the new Halls River Bridge.

  • Nest reportedly has one egg in it
  • FDOT has obtained permit to move nest
  • Halls River bridge construction scheduled to be complete next year

The Florida Department of Transportation said the nest contains one egg. They've put a temporary hold on work that can be done with that crane.

“We anticipate the nest to be relocated next week to a pole nearby that the contractor will install,” said FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson. “Work involving the crane will resume after the nest has been relocated.”

FDOT said they already have the state permit needed to move the nest. Audubon Florida board member Barbara Walker said they is doing the best they can in this situation.

“I think they have a very good chance if they put a platform very nearby to relocate the bird and possibly still fledge young from that, because ospreys are very prolific,” said Walker. “It would’ve been better if there was no egg and if they caught this when the first few sticks go down.”

Astaldi Construction general superintendent Harry Grieme said they have a second crane on the other side of the bridge that they can still use. Neighbor Dennis Drury said he enjoys watching the osprey through binoculars on his front porch.

“I think they ought to give the birds a chance,” he said. “I favor the osprey.“

The new Halls River bridge is being funded with a $6.6 million federal grant. The construction is scheduled to be completed early next year.