Fire crews are still working to contain a brush fire in west Pasco County near State Road 52.

The Silver Palms Fire near the Suncoast Lakes subdivision and the neighboring campground fire in the Starkey Wilderness Preserve are both near State Road 52. 

The Silver Palm Fire is about 25 percent contained and has burned about 30 acres, as of Tuesday afternoon. 

Officials with the Florida Forest Service said Tuesday morning that the campground fire has burned about 75 acres and is 100 percent contained.

While fire crews say there are no homes in danger right now, residents are not taking any chances.

Mike Brazzo wetted down his yard Tuesday, hoping to keep embers from the Silver Palms Fire from doing any damage.

"Yeah, it makes you nervous, kind of," Brazzo said. "You know, seeing smoke and fire. We don't know when it's going to pop up, so you just have to keep an eye on it."

A road into the subdivision was closed to outside traffic for most of the day. Firefighters brought in heavy equipment to cut through the thick brush behind a dozen homes.

"That doesn't mean that it won't still catch on fire, but what it means is that the fire will not be standing up. So the flames will be lower to the ground and easier for us to fight," said Judy Tear with the FFS. 

The Florida Forest Service believes the flames came within 100 yards of some homes. 

Pasco County Emergency Services Director Kevin Guthrie said a burn ban for the county would be brought before commissioners on Wednesday.

County officials had to close the Suncoast Bike Trail temporarily because of heavy smoke. 

While there are no voluntary evacuation orders right now, officials are telling people with respiratory issues to keep a close eye on conditions. They should leave if they're having trouble breathing.