A Bradenton Beach restaurant and bar owner arrested last week after police said his music was too loud says he's now staying alert to noise levels.

  • Scott Lubore, owner of "The Freckled Fin", arrested last week
  • Arrest report states decibel level at restaurant was at 98
  • Current city ordinance allows businesses limit of 75 decibels until 10 p.m.

“Last week we were here listening to music and I was inside working, and next thing I know I get a call from my manager and he says he’s going to jail," said Scott Lubore, the owner of "The Freckled Fin." I asked 'for what?' and he said, 'I guess for music.'”
Lubore said he told the officer he was in charge, and took the fall instead. The restaurant owner was arrested and charged with violating a noise ordinance.
According to Lubore's arrest report, the decibel level at the restaurant when police showed up was as high as 98. The city ordinance allows commercial businesses a 75-decibel limit from seven to ten o’clock at night. That number drops down to 65 until two in the morning when bars close.
Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Shearon told us the city stands by the arrest. He said Lubore was given several warnings and citations, and was told there would be an arrest if there were another violation.

“Just like anything else, if you break the law, you’re going to jail," said Shearon.
Lubore said he’s still shocked he was arrested.

“I just can’t believe it," said Lubore. "I just can’t believe this is actually what’s happening in today’s world that you’re being hauled off in cuffs and being taken away from your family and your freedom taken and you’re ending up in jail when you could’ve walked up and said, 'Here’s a citation turn it down, shut it down.'”
Lubore said bar owners along Bridge Street want the ordinance changed. They plan to have their voices heard at a city commission meeting later this month.