A group of young Bay area musicians are hitting the road this weekend for a rock tour of a lifetime.

  • "Routes of Rock" formed at Pasco music school
  • Group didn't know each other until two months ago
  • Group will perform at Allman Brothers' The Big House Museum

"Routes of Rock" formed two months ago after auditioning at Mullins Music, a nonprofit music school in New Port Richey. Prior to that audition, the members of the group didn't know each other.

“It's a really cool feeling," said band member Kimmie Fidecoat while describing how the group has bonded around music. "It's like in a way euphoric, it's just really awesome."

In just a few days, the teens will be hitting the road. They'll be traveling to New Orleans, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, and Macon, Georgia, getting an intense rock and roll history lesson while they play.

“There's no one set place that I’m really excited about, basically the whole thing is a really cool experience," said band member Kyle Lopp.

The trip will include performing at the Allman Brothers' The Big House Museum in Macon, and even do a recording at Fame Studios.

“We're recording there and a lot of people have recorded there before,” said band member Rylee Reynolds. “I’m really excited because then I'll be able to say, 'Yeah, I recorded there.'"

On Saturday, "Routes of Rock" sets out for their first stop in New Orleans. If any of them are nervous about the gig, it certainly doesn't show.

“We're going to go out there and we're going to kill it," said Lopp.  

Mullins Music is fundraising to help the band members with travel expenses. To donate to the cause, visit http://mullinsmusic.org/.