Ryan Hearn said he heard a lot going on in the waterway behind his Treasure Island home Sunday night.

"I heard the engine rev up, high RPMs and I said, 'Man, those jet-skiers need to be careful,'" said Hearn.

  • Thomas Hamilton pulled to safety after Sunday crash
  • Ryan Hearn, another good Samaritan helped
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating

Hearn said he then heard several banging sounds.

The noise wasn't from jet-skiers -- it was from a boat crashing through what used to be Hearn's dock.

Hearn ran out to see what was going on and didn't see anyone on the 18-foot boat that was now against his seawall, so he kept looking.

"I saw the man right here face down, I called 911, and she asked me not to jump in. I said, 'He's going to die if I don't,'” said Hearn. "So, I got a pool stick and tried to move him, and that wasn't working and I said, 'I'm going in.' So I jumped in."

Hearn jumped in to get 73-year-old Thomas Hamilton of St. Pete Beach to safety. A second good Samaritan helped.

The boater was taken to Bayfront.

"He was pretty banged up," said Hearn.

"I felt for him, but he was talking, then he would lose consciousness but then he would talk a little bit. He’s a tough guy, I’ll tell you that," said Hearn.

Hearn hopes the best for Hamilton.

"I'm glad we were here. I'm glad we were here," said Hearn.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating the crash.