The list of perks for employees of one downtown St. Petersburg company might seem beyond belief. The workplace includes a waterfront view, a pool table, games and an open bar, and employees can make use of two company boats and unlimited paid vacation.

The company is Squaremouth, and its employees compare travel insurance products.

  • Company utilizes open work space plan: no cubicles
  • Company is hiring "a lot" and has very little turnaround
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From the comfort of their open office space, Squaremouth employees help customers online and over the phone.
“We function like a startup," said Media Specialist Carolyn Leckie. "So we’re coming up with new ideas, pitching new projects.”

But if you’re looking for an office space or cubicle, you won’t find it here.

“We actually have a rule that you can’t sit in the same place twice. There are no assigned desks," said Project Management Director Megan Singh. "There’s one office here and that’s our CEO’s and that might go away soon.”

It’s a strategy the company has in place for a reason.

“We feel that if we can keep the employees happy, it keeps them motivated and it helps us with our main goal, which is providing the best customer service that we can, and we feel the two work hand in hand,” said Squaremouth Marketing Specialist Steven Benna.

Employees told us they think the strategy is working.

“We have very little turnaround," said Singh. "So we’re rapidly growing. We’re hiring a lot. We’re kind of looking for certain roles but there aren’t a lot of people who leave us intentionally. You have to definitely be able to manage yourself -- we’re very autonomous here.”

If you’re wondering if any work gets done with all of the amenities, the employees say it’s all about being focused.

“The other stuff is extra," said Leckie. "And the other stuff is fun and there’s a time and place for that, and it’s often. But priority is the job."

Singh said that, surprisingly, they have to remind employees to take the unpaid vacation days.

“We instituted a ten-day minimum and HR kind of sends some reminders every now and then,” she said.

Squaremouth is also open with its finances, and every employee knows the salary of the people who work there. The company also surprises the employees from time to time with Apple watches, iPads and a free cruise.  

“If you feel like you deserve a raise at any point you can say 'I would like a raise and here’s why.' I’ve done that before,” said Leckie. “I got a raise.”

Leckie said she’s been with the company for about a year and it’s no surprise what her favorite perks of the job are.
“My favorite part of working here, I guess, it’s two things," said Leckie. "One is obviously paid vacation which is awesome. How can you not say that’s the best thing about your job? I’m happy to come into work.”

“It’s not a job. It’s not just here to pay the bills," Leckie continued. "It’s because it’s an exciting place to work and I really like my co-workers.”