Eight friends, all from Sarasota County, are now the stars of MTV's new reality show aptly titled "Siesta Key."

  • Show begins airing July 31 at 10 p.m.
  • Cast members insist show wasn't scripted
  • Series was filmed in locations across Siesta Key

The friends are now called cast members and for four months, from March until mid-July, they were living in the spotlight. The producers are the same team used for the MTV hit show "Laguna Beach."

They say the show is just all about living the Siesta Key lifestyle. It has what you would expect in a reality show including love stories, breakups and a few tears, but the cast members insist the drama is all organic.

"Nobody tells us what to do or what to say. Honestly we're entertaining enough on our own," said cast member Chloe Trautman.

Each of the cast members insist it's unscripted and also touches on the deeper side of young-adult life.

"It's not all fun and partying, it's not. I think that's whats really special about this show, is that they are getting to show that deeper side of young adults," said cast member Madisson Hausburg.

Many of the scenes for "Siesta Key" were filmed in this home. (Angie Angers, Bay News 9)

The show was actually not the friends' idea at all. It was cast member Alex Kompothecras' father, Gary, who suggested getting the group their own reality show. About two years ago, he hired a production crew and sent out the pilot.

"He came up with this idea, like, what if we shot a pilot and tried to get you guys on a reality show. Alex and I thought he was crazy at first," Trautman said.

"We sent it out and didn't hear anything back for awhile and one day we got the phone call and they're like yeah we wanna film your lifestyle," Kompothecras added.

The series was filmed in locations all across Siesta Key, but Alex's house where the idea first started also served as a filming location. While the house looks like something out of a magazine, the friends consider themselves just normal people who grew up by the beach.

"I'm definitely fortunate, but I don't like to look at myself like that. I just try to be humble and modest, and just enjoy what I was given and let others enjoy it as well," Kompothecras said.

The friends are staying tight-lopped about the heated moments during filming, but insist it is all a part of their reality.

The show begins airing on July 31 at 10 p.m.