Manatee County Sheriff’s detective Nate Boggs is in the fight for his life.

  • Charity detective Nate Boggs
  • Money to assist family of detective
  • Fundraiser earned $1,000 in first 30 minutes

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier this year has taking its toll on his life.

But despite months of chemotherapy that’s caused his hair to fall out, he hasn’t fallen from grace with his fellow law enforcement officers.

On Saturday, they shaved their heads, in a show of solidarity, and raised money for the family.

“The money is going to his family just to help them out with bills. Insurance doesn't cover everything when it comes to chemo,” said charity organizer and fellow detective Rebecca Angel. “It's a lot of expenses added on and then had to take some time off, so we just gonna make sure that's the last thing I have to worry about is money.”

Within the first 30 minutes of the fundraiser, $1,000 was raised.