A Tampa woman battling cancer gets help at home from the charity Cleaning for a Reason.

Fifty-year-old Veronica Kilkelly was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in February.

"Life just suddenly changes and it becomes about just getting through the moment," Kilkelly said. "And it took a good month before I realized my house was a disaster."

That's when Two Maids & A Mop stepped in. As a participant of Cleaning for a Reason, the company offers free cleaning services to women fighting cancer.

"It's very rewarding," said cleaner Kate Henley. "To be able to help them in any way."

"Just to see everything so clean, it took a load off," Kilkelly said. "It really does. And I can focus on spending time with my kids and my husband."

For more information on Cleaning for a Reason, visit the charity's website at www.cleaningforareason.com

Fifty-year-old Veronica Kilkelly, battling Stage 4 colon cancer, is among the people being helped by Cleaning for a Reason. (Cait McVey, Bay News 9)