The road leading to the Land O’ Lakes sinkhole has been closed after sides of the sinkhole started collapsing overnight. Work to clean out the debris has also been put on hold.

  • 10-foot wide by 80-foot long edge collapsed overnight
  • Crews using radar to test stability
  • Collapse not entirely unexpected

Ocean Pines Drive was closed Friday morning after a 10-foot wide by 80-foot long edge fell in overnight.

“The orange house that was the original collapse that was still sitting there had went in partially overnight," Pasco Fire Rescue Chief Andrew Fossa said. "Then, this morning, debris was still undermining, so more stuff was falling in.”

Residents were alerted, and crews began using ground-penetrating radar to test for the stability around the sinkhole.

“The contractor has a geologist here doing their own testing to check for safety issues, so right now, everything is on hold,” Pasco County spokesperson Tambrey Laine said.

The 225-foot wide hole is about 50 feet deep and opened July 14, impacting homes at 21825 and 21835 Ocean Pines Drive. 

Crews had been using small barges to remove floating debris from the hole. 

Pasco Fire Rescue had a team out Friday while the stability was being tested.

“With all the heavy equipment and the vibrations, it’s not completely unexpected that this would happen," Laine said. "But that’s why geologists are looking at it a little closer."

Equipment has been moved away from the western edge of the sinkhole as a safety precaution.

Crews already have built stable platforms for heavy equipment to continue debris collection. The cleanup process is expected to take several weeks. 

The United Way of Pasco County has collected more than $27,000 in a sinkhole relief fund for the homeowners or residents affected.