HOUSTON -- Friends and family said goodbye to former first lady Barbara Bush Saturday in Houston.

• 1,500 people attended
• Including first lady Melania Trump and former president Barack and Michelle Obama
• Mrs. Bush will be buried in College Station with her daughter

Jeb Bush, along with Barbara Bush's pastor and family friend, spoke at the ceremony.

"We learned to be genuine and authentic by the best role model. From her authentic plastic pearls, her not coloring her hair, by the way she was beautiful until the day she died," said Jeb Bush.

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To the world, Barbara Bush was unapologetically herself. Her family and friends knew her the same way, but also as a devoted mother and wife.

"She was candid and comforting, steadfast and straightforward, honest and loving," said Presidential Historian Jon Meacham.

Many were touched by the love shared between Barbara Bush and her husband through his military and political career and living in 29 different homes over their 73-year marriage.

"Rather than bemoan their many moves, Barbara just laughed and said, 'One thing I can say about George. He may not be able to keep a job, but he's certainly not boring.’," said friend Susan Baker.

George H.W. Bush and her Pastor Russel Levenson Jr. discussed her funeral weeks prior to her death, and Levenson said she wouldn't want others to mourn her.

"Barbara would want us to celebrate her great next chapter. She has been raised to new life, for in this story, you never turn the page and see the two words: the end," said Levenson.

​Mrs. Bush will be buried in College Station with her daughter.