A Florida non-profit is providing millions to elementary and high school students who want to attend private schools, but coordinators are having trouble giving all the money away.

  • Scholarships going unused in some Florida schools
  • AAA Scholarship Foundation provides funds based on needs/income
  • Not enough applicants in Florida 

The Academic Achievement Accessible (AAA) Scholarship Foundation has been providing special need and income-based assistance to students for almost a decade.

“We are a very passionate group of people that love providing families with options so lower income families don't feel like they're discriminated against,” said AAA Community Outreach Director Patti Frobel. “They have just as much right to a choice of education that everyone else does.” 

But Frobel said they don’t have enough people in Florida applying for the income-based scholarships. 

Scholarship recipients at Solid Rock Community School in Tarpon Springs said they’re happy the Academic Achievement Accessible Foundation gave them a choice.

“It was really important because there’s no way I’d be able to make it here without it,” said student and scholarship recipient Lexy Baker. 

Seventeen students at Solid Rock received AAA scholarships to attend the school. But coordinators said other families may not know about the money available. 

They said if more students don’t apply for the scholarships, the foundation may have to return part of the money to donors. 

For more information about the scholarships available go to: https://www.aaascholarships.org/schools/florida/