TAMPA, Fla. — The federal government is proposing changes to subsidized housing that could lead to rent increases for low-income residents.

  • New HUD proposals contain up to 5% increase
  • Tenants could also lose vouchers, Section 8 support
  • HUD insists changes are necessary to control federal housing budget

Under federal guidelines, tenants in public housing units pay about 30 percent of their yearly income in rent. New proposals being considered by Housing and Urban Development or HUD would raise that to about 35 percent.

Tenants could also lose vouchers and Section 8 support, making them responsible for the entire balance.

"It don't sound good to me or anybody else," said Luis Sierra, a resident at the Bay Ceia apartment complex in South Tampa. "That's why we're living here, because it goes by income."

The proposals would also allow local governments to set up work requirement for low-income tenants.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson said the reforms are needed because federal housing budget costs continues to grow, and many people who currently qualify for public housing are unable to get it.