There are still plenty of questions regarding the future of Madeira Beach City Commissioner Nancy Oakley. 

  • Madeira Beach commissioner accused of inappropriate touching
  • Former City Manager Shane Crawford accuses commissioner Nancy Oakley 
  • Complaint filed in April

On Tuesday, residents questioned city officials about whether Oakley would keep her seat. 

In April, she was accused of licking the former city manager and touching him inappropriately. 

In documents, former Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford said Oakley touched him inappropriately.

"She grabbed his crotch then slowly licked him from his Adam’s apple all the way up his face," according to the report.

Several other witnesses gave a similar account to a 2012 incident involving Crawford and Oakley at a city event.

Meanwhile, a state ethics board has determined she was in violation for the inappropriate behavior. 

Oakley was a no show at Tuesday's meeting and no commissioners commented. 

According to the ethics committee rules, Oakley can still have a public hearing on the findings of the report. 

There is no word yet on how that will impact her commission seat.