Here's your Tampa area weather forecast for late Monday into Tuesday morning, along with a look at the rainy conditions expected through the week. 

  • Pattern to last for next few days
  • More scattered showers Tuesday, Wednesday
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The low pressure we were talking about last week came into the area last night into today. That has resulted in the rain across the region.

Expect mostly cloudy skies overnight into early Tuesday morning, with some lingering rain showers. Morning lows will hold steady in the upper 60s to low 70s.

Humidity is definitely the highest we’ve seen this season so far and will stay that way into Tuesday.

The low pressure will move very slowly away from us to the north over the next few days, so we’ll still see an influx of moisture being pulled into our region. Therefore, you can still expect lingering showers and storms in the forecast each day, even though the low will be moving away.

There’s only a small chance of the low developing into a tropical system, but it would not matter anyways as we’ll get the same weather no matter what.

Expect mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies for Tuesday with highs in the mid 80s.

This is the type of pattern when you can get showers and storms at just about any time of day or night. Although there tends to be better coverage during the afternoon, keep a close eye on Klystron 9 if you have outdoor plans.

Wednesday will be similar, with numerous scattered showers and storms that could form at any time. Highs will again be in the mid 80s.

This will be the pattern most of this week. The low pressure will eventually pull far enough away that it does not have any direct impact to our forecast.

However, it will leave behind a lot of atmospheric moisture that will lead to daily scattered thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon to evening from this weekend into early next week.

Although the timing of the rain and the longevity will change, the coverage will actually not be a lot different from now through early next week.

Therefore temperatures will also not change much.

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