The search has been called off for a reported parachutist who was reported to have fallen into the Indian River on Thursday morning.

  • Man tells Spectrum News that he saw someone fall into river
  • Authorities say they have found nothing; search called off

Authorities were searching for what was reported as a person using a dark-colored parachute who was tangled with the cords and falling very fast into the river, north of Max Brewer Bridge.

"He actually looked like he was tangled up, one side of the parachute was caved in, but it also looked like he had some air underneath the second phase of the parachute, so it looked like the parachute was tangled up," said Steve Bain to Spectrum News, who claimed to have seen a parachutist falling. 

Authorities searched a large area north of the Max Brewer bridge, up to the railroad bridge that leads over the Indian River onto Kennedy Space Center property. 

Nothing was found and Bain said that he was a little reluctant to call emergency services because he did not want to bother anyone.

There is a nearby air park where skydiving takes place, but authroities said there have been no reports of any missing skydivers from the park. 

The Titusville Police Department, the Titusville Fire Department, Brevard County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation were part of the search.

Authorities searched for more than an hour and found nothing.The search was called off, but they ask if anyone else saw anything to call Titusville Police Department at: 1-321-264-7800.

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