The Hernando County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens about a door-to-door salesman scam targeting the elderly. 

  • Hernando sheriff warns of door-to-door salesman scam
  • Sheriff says 'salesman' are targeting the elderly
  • Salesmen force way inside home, demand citizens pay for products

Sheriff Al Nienhuis said the "salesman" has been knocking on the doors of elderly citizens and then forcing his or their way inside when the citizen answers the door. Authorities have not stated if more than one person is taking part in the salesman scam.

Once inside, the salesman tries to sell various food products, usually meat or fish, Nienhuis said. When the citizen refuses the purchase, the salesman proceeds to stock the person's freezer with the meat and then demand money, according to the sheriff's office. 

Nienhuis said the elderly population is often easily intimidated and agrees to pay for the product. The Sheriff's Office advises that citizens should not open the door to any salesman or to any person who they do not know. 

The Sheriff's Office is currently investigating two cases related to this scam.

Anyone who receives a knock on their door by a possible scam salesman, is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 1-352-754-6830.