Polk County Schools are inducting four people into its hall of fame and one of those inductees is the honorable Hurbert Grimes -- the first elected black county judge in Volusia County. 

  • Polk Schools Hall of Fame inductees
  • Bethune Cookman President Hubert Grimes inducted
  • Grimes the first black county judge in Volusia County

Bethune Cookman University interim President Hubert Grimes said he was shocked when he learned he was being inducted into the Polk County Public Schools Hall of Fame.

"In fact, I think I've probably got way over 100 plaques and awards throughout the course of my life and my career, but this one is very special because it's from home. It's from Polk County," Grimes said. 

Grimes said Union Academy laid the foundation for his career. And he's accomplished a lot. 

Besides presiding over Bethune Cookman University, he was also the first elected black county judge in Volusia County. And he's an author. 

Grimes said his work ethic got him where he is today. 

"Hard work, it pays off. I hope that's the message we can give to young people," Grimes said. 

Grimes was also appointed as a circuit court judge. He retired after 25 years on the bench and that's when Bethune Cookman University came calling. 

"So was being president of a university, was that ever in the plan?" Grimes was asked. "No, it was not in the plan, which also tells you that as young people prepare themselves for life, do good, do well wherever you are because you never know what the next step is going to be," Grimes answered. 

He said he'll be at Bethune Cookman for as long as the university needs him. 

For now, he's basking in the fact that his trailblazing career has made it into the Polk County Public School's Hall of Fame. 

The other inductees include Nave Commander Terry Chauncey, City College of New York Counselor Joyce Conoly-Simmons, and Joel Thomas, President and CEO of the Winter Haven Hospital Foundation.