It's the first day of hurricane season and state officials are urging Floridians to be prepared. 

And as an incentive, hurricane supplies are tax free during purchases this week. 

Officials stress now is the time to get ready. 

"A once in a lifetime disaster can in fact happen at any time," said Kirstjen Nielsen with Homeland Security Secretary. "And so I really urge every American to take this hurricane season very seriously. 

"That's food, medications, cash but it's also those important documents: It's the drivers' license, your passport, your birth and marriage certificates, mortgage or lease agreements, insurance information."

The hurricane supply tax-free holiday starts today and runs through Thursday.       



From smaller items like coolers and batteries to big ticket supplies like generators, most items for your hurricane kits are available tax free this week. 

Officials at Hillsborough County's Emergency Operations Center say more people appear to be ready for storm season ahead of time likely because of the close calls in recent years.  

"Last year was a wake-up call for us in that people really need to learn from those lessons from hurricane Irma," said Preston Cook with Hillsborough County EOC. "We really need to be ready now. 

Storms can come here, they can be big, they can be scary and you want to be prepared now. You don't want to be waiting until the last moment to think about what you're going to do when a storm is coming."

Central Florida residents prepare

For Dennis Sherrill of Palm Bay, now is the time to make sure his generator is good to go.

He and his wife are Florida natives and experienced the mid 2000's hurricanes, as well as hurricanes Matthew and Irma.

"Run it about every two to three months, keep fresh gas in it," said Sherrill about his generator.

The Home Depot on Malabar Road is going through generators quick.

In the off season, they normally sell one a week, but in the last week alone, eight went out the door.

"I recommend going to get it all taken care of. If you need it, you got it, you don't, you don't," Sherrill reccommended.

Generators, tarps, bungee cords, batteries, flashlights, water and coolers are just some of the items falling under the break too.

"Buy some canned goods ... stock-piling so later you don't have to run out and get in a big line," Sherrill said.

Reporter Greg Pallone contributed to this story.