PALM HARBOR, Fla. --A jury found Emanuel Qosaj not guilty of attempted first degree murder by reason of insanity Wednesday evening, though he was found guilty of a number of additional charges.

Qosaj was found guilty of aggravated battery on a person 65 or older, battery on emergency medical care providers, simple battery and resisting arrest.

The incident happened in April 2017 when Qosaj and the victim, Linda Konior, were walking their dogs on 1st Court.

Deputies said Qosaj was on top of Konior, battering and choking her with a metal dog leash.

The beginning of Qosaj's trial was marked by the 2nd District Court of Appeals disqualifing Judge William Burgess from presiding over the case.

Prosecutors believe the judge was acting "in concert" with defense attorney Roger Futerman and they wouldn’t get a fair trial.

Futerman called it a ridiculous accusation that the judge was favoring him and said prosecutors were just mad they didn’t get the trial date that they wanted.