PALMETTO, Fla. -- It started as a battle of should it stay, or should it go. But now, the debate over a massive neighborhood garage is changing course. 

Last year, a 40-foot-by-60-foot-by-20-foot steel garage went up in the Palmetto Point neighborhood of Colony Bay in northern Manatee County.

It sparked a feud between a group of neighbors and the garage's owner, some not happy to see the structure in a sea of single story homes. 

Jeanne Jernigan raised red flags to the county, stating that the garage violated land development codes because it was set back by only 20 feet, while county ordinances require 25. 

But the garage's owner had the proper permit, and the county's blessing to build it on his lot as it stands. 

"Something that large in this density really shouldn't be here, but there's nothing in the land development code or the comprehensive plan that prohibits putting it up," Jernigan said. 

The county admitted recently that it made a mistake and the garage is too close to the road. But if it comes down, it will costs thousands in taxpayer money. 

Which means, because it's no threat to safety, it will likely stay. 

Jernigan says she has accepted it for the most part, but wants to make sure this doesn't happen in the county again. 

"We still wanna make whoever came up with this responsible for it," she said. 

The property owner denied Spectrum Bay News 9's request for an interview.