HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla--Hernando County parents have mixed reactions to the county's school board voting to fire school superintendent Dr. Lori Romano Tuesday night.

Romano has been with the district since 2013. Her termination date has been set for June 30.  

For some parents, the news that Romano was being let go could not come soon enough. 

“She had violated many many policies and she runs a regime of fear,” Pam Everett said. 

But others told us they have no problem with Romano, and say their kids have benefited from her summer reading program. 

“I was definitely shocked," Whitney Campbell explained. "I haven’t had an issue with her. I like the fact that she’s advocated for literacy." 

The board voted 3-2 to end its contract with Romano. The vote came one day after Romano's attorney sent a letter to the board saying that the board was in breach of the contract with his client. 

That letter threatened legal action. It also claimed board members have attempted to publicly humiliate her and were failing to meet with her about her evaluations. 

(Click HERE to read the full text of the letter.)

Board members Beth Narverud and Susan Duval, who were named in the letter, were two of the votes against Romano. Narverud said in an afternoon workshop that Romano has lost the public's trust. 

“There has been a multitude of misinformation, half-truths, and urgent last minute decisions thrust upon the shoulders of this board, requiring us to act at the last minute,” Narverud said.

Linda Prescott was the third vote. She said her opinion was influenced by Romano's decision to fire the teachers at Moton Elementary in April. 

Romano did ask for a reasoning as to why she was being fired. The school board's attorney said an official explanation would be given in a termination letter he will present to the board for approval during their next meeting on June 26.

"I just hope that they know what they're doing. All I can do is pray about it and leave it up in God's hands. She has our support, amongst many other parents," Campbell explained. 

"Let's get our applications rolling, let's get people in here with the background. A homegrown superintendent would be the best thing that could actually happen," Everett added. 

Romano will be able to appeal the decision once the termination letter is presented to her. We were told she has no comment on what happened at this time.