POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- The widow of Parkland High School coach Aaron Feis was in Polk County today to check out the training of potential armed school safety guardians.

  • Melissa Feis spoke to prospective guardians at training center
  • Feis visited along with Parkland parent Andrew Pollack
  • 91 school guardians selected will be school board employees

Feis was a victim in the Parkland massacre, and the school safety law passed by the legislature was named in his honor. 

As prospective guardians shot handguns as part of their instruction at the Polk Sheriff's Office training center near Bartow, fellow Parkland parent Andrew Pollack and a sheriff's deputy escorted Melissa Feis and her daughter through the training complex. 

Pollack and Feis stood in front of a classroom filled with trainees and Pollack spoke for the both of them.

“It really means a lot to us and me to bring Melissa here to see what you guys and girls are going to do in this county,” he said. 

A few minutes later, Feis spoke to some trainees at the shooting range. 

“We are very happy to be here, and we just thank you guys. Thank you,” she said. 

Trainee Yari Dobson was pleased Feis was there to see what she was doing.

“Just to be there and to show her how much we do, we all felt that from here, just being in Lakeland to show our appreciation and support for her,” she said. 

And what would Aaron Feis think of the school safety effort in Polk County?

“He would be ecstatic,” said Melissa Feis. “I have no doubt about that. He would smile, I mean, I just know him and he would be thrilled.”

The 91 Polk school safety guardians will be school board employees who work at elementary schools.