CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Eastbound traffic on the Courtney Campbell Causeway was thwarted for several hours Thursday morning. 

  • Chlorine truck leak on Courtney Campbell Causeway
  • Haz mat team responded to clean scene
  • Officials said about 150 gallons was spilled
  • Eastbound traffic out of Pinellas stalled for a couple hours

A chlorine spill cause the roadway to be shut down for cleanup. 

A driver behind a Triangle Pool Service Truck called 911 saying he could see liquid leaking from the truck and he could smell chlorine as well. 

Clearwater Fire Rescue officials, including a hazmat team, and Clearwater police responded to the causeway, near the hump on the Pinellas side, at about 7 a.m. to begin the cleanup process. 

The pool service truck pulled off on the right shoulder of the road, but was later moved to the inside lane of the causeway to increase the distance from the water and to also make it easier to off-load the remaining product. 

It is estimated that about 150 gallons of the 450 gallons in the one tank spilled onto the ground. 

The other 300 gallons were contained in various barrels and buckets and transferred to another pool supply truck.

Officials said 10 to 15 gallons of the chlorine product made it into the nearby waters of Old Tampa Bay. Appropriate state agencies were notified. 

Eastbound lanes of the causeway were reopened a little more than two hours after the incident was reported. 

Firefighters from Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg worked alongside Clearwater Fire & Rescue crews on the call.