TAMPA, Fla. -- Hurricanes...response, recovery and librarians?

Yep, you read that right. 

Some librarians in Hillsborough County are closed Thursday for storm recovery training. 

The county is putting the finishing touches on a new hurricane response training that grew out of the days after Hurricane Irma last year.  

For the past several months, county librarians, parks and rec staff and office workers have been cross-training in specific areas of disaster response. 

On Thursday, librarians will get an emergency alert and will have to respond to the area where they will be needed. It could be the Emergency Operations Center, a shelter or a sandbag location. Some have even been cross trained to do damge assessment. 

"We found that all of our employees have skills," said EOC Director Preston Cook. "And so we tried to tap into some of those and give them some additional training so they can do additional roles during a disaster." 

In the event of a storm this year, the county also has arranged for child care, elderly care and other help for all of its employees. That way they know their families are safe as they work and respond to a potential hurricane. 

 All Hillsborough County libraries WILL BE CLOSED Thursday except for the following locations:

Bloomingdale Regional Public Library

Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library

Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library

John F. Germany Public Library

New Tampa Regional Library

SouthShore Regional Library

Town 'N Country Public Library