TAMPA, Fla. -- The family of an accused murderer is pointing the finger at a Tampa mental health facility.

  • Morse is accused of deliberately running over a family on a bike ride.
  • Instagram video emerged of Morse saying he wanted to kill someone right before his hit and run.
  • Morse's family believes that he should not have been released from the Gracepoint Medical facility.

Mikese Morse, 30, spent about a week in Gracepoint Medical. He was Baker Acted after he went to a Tampa police station on June 12, where he made wild claims and behaved erratically. 

The facility kept him beyond his 72 hour legally mandated hold, but Morse's family says he was not ready to be released. 

Morse is accused of deliberately running over 42 year old Pedro Aguerreberry in New Tampa on Sunday as he and his two sons were riding their bikes on New Tampa Road.  Aguerreberry died from his injuries. 

"What happened to Pedro should have never happened and had (Mikese) stayed in that facility for two weeks and been stabilized, he would not have gotten out and acted out like this," said Michael Morse, Mikese’s father.

Gracepoint Medical would not comment on Mikese Morse's case or treatment, but a spokeswoman told Spectrum Bay News 9 the Baker Act was "designed to be short-term crisis stabilization, not long term treatment."

Morse has been charged with premeditated first degree murder and leaving the scene of a crash. He will be back in court for a pre-detention hearing on June 28.