ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A city day camp is re-evaluating their process after a young camper was spotted walking the streets of St. Petersburg.

  • City day camp re-evaluated after camper found walking alone
  • Woman spotted 6-year-old crossing busy St. Pete street
  • Camp run by city's Parks and Rec. Department

A woman spotted the 6-year-old crossing a busy street alone so she stopped. 

Debbie Jones said she noticed the boy's wristband with the camp's name on it--which was a couple of blocks away. 

The woman said she called the camp, then called police. 

"If it was my child I'd want someone to help him so I stopped him and tried to get questions out of him to get him to stop and make sure he was okay," Jones said. 

The city's Parks and Recreation Department that runs the camp released a statement calling the incident unfortunate. 

They say they're re-evaluating the actions of the staff member involved and auditing their procedures to make sure this doesn't happen again. 

The incident report shows that a St. Pete police officer contacted the abuse hotline to make a claim for possible child neglect or abuse at the recreation center.