EAGLE LAKE, Fla -- UPDATE: 6:32 p.m. The statue has reportedly been located. A resident who mistook the statue for trash took it, then saw a Facebook post about it, realized their mistake, and promised to return it.


A homeowner in Eagle Lake reported a very unique item missing to Polk County deputies earlier this week: his 6-foot-tall painted Jesus statue.

  • Homeowner planned to get statue repainted
  • Statue was moved to driveway for pickup by restoration company
  • Statue weighs several hundred pounds, would be considered grand theft

According to the homeowner, he and a neighbor moved the Jesus statue from its usual spot to the home's driveway on Terrace Drive South on Wednesday, June 27. It was supposed to be picked up by a restoration company in order to get a fresh coat of paint.

It's believe that either the statue was stolen or someone simply took it from the driveway, believing it was being discarded.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office published a post on their Facebook page Friday about the missing statue, in the hope that whoever took the statue for whatever reason will return it to the homeowner.

Officials note in the post that the statue weighs several hundred pounds, and theft of the item would constitute grand theft in terms of criminal charges.
The sheriff's office asks anyone who may have seen the statue to call 863-298-6200 or Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-8477.