OLDSMAR, Fla.-- It's the last day for families impacted by the hurricanes to stay in a hotel provided by FEMA.

There are still hundreds looking for a place to live in Florida.

Melvin Andino has had to share a small hotel room in Oldsmar with his mom and sister for several months. The three fled Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.

"Maria was hard," Andino said. "A lot destroyed. A lot of dead people. It was hard for us."

Now they are packing to move on, with FEMA "Transitional Sheltering Assistance" ending on June 30.

Like many families, they're all working local jobs but haven't been able to save enough to get a new place to live.

Jeannie Calderin, who started Somos Puerto Rico Tampa to help families coming to the Bay Area after Maria, says there are hundreds in that same boat.

"Most of them – they do have jobs. But it's a job that pays $9 a hour. Some places are asking for three months rent in advance. That is where things have gotten difficult," Calderin said.

She says many local families can find living assistance from groups like United Way and other non-profits or faith-based organizations.

In fact, Melvin's family will receive another hotel thanks to Catholic Charities while they get back on their feet.

"They are ready to work. They are ready to start a new life. They just need that push," Calderin said.

In a tweet, Governor Rick Scott urged FEMA to continue providing assistance to Puerto Ricans displaced in Florida.

FEMA says there are about 600 families from Puerto Rico still checked into hotels around Florida.

FEMA also says there are some options for those families, including rental assistance and help from non-profits that are available on a case by case basis. They encourage those in need to call the program's hotline at 1-800-462-7585.

Calderin urges local families from Puerto Rico to follow her organization on Facebook, for all updates on how FEMA can help. Click here for the link.