ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — While we may love fireworks, our furry four-legged friends are often not big fans.

Thousands will celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday night with the "Red Hot and Boom" fireworks show in Altamonte Springs.

Seminole County Animal Services says it sees an increase in lost pets following the 4th of July holiday. That's because the fireworks can spook animals.

"Even an animal that would never jump a fence any other time would jump a fence on the 4th of July because they're frightened," said Diane Gagliano with Seminole County Animal Services.

"We've also seen dogs that go through windows and through screens, so leaving an animal on a screened porch isn't an option, because if that dog is scared, it's going to go through the screen and over the fence," she said.

Pets with severe anxiety may require medication from your veterinarian.

Here's what you can do for your pets when fireworks are happening outside:

  • Leave your pet in an interior room
  • Keep the TV or radio on for background noise
  • Leave the lights on

"Wildlife is going to be scared by the fireworks as well, so you could have deer trying to cross the road, or rabbits," Gagliano said. "So when you're out driving trying to celebrate the 4th of July, you need to be aware of the animals that may dart in front of your car on the roads."