Hurricane Chris has intensified more, now becoming a category 2 storm.  

  • Storm Season 2018
  • Chris strengthens while remaining stationary well offshore the coast of the Carolinas

This was expected as the storm moved away from cooler water into an area of warmer water. 

Chris will hold its intensity for another day and then start to weaken as it moves into cooler waters.

A cold front will move off the eastern seaboard, resulting in a faster northeast movement for Chris the next few days.

It will move into the cooler north Atlantic waters within a couple days and become a non-tropical storm at that time.

Tropical Storm Chris is located off the coast of the Carolinas, about 200 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras. Winds are up to 70 mph and it is expected to strengthen into a hurricane over the next day or so. (Spectrum News image)
TS Mike