TAMPA, Fla.-- A Bay area high schooler will soon be an award-winning author.

  • Sarah Frank, 15,  author of "One Chance"
  • Recognized by Florida Authors and Publishers Association
  • Will receive her award next month

Sarah Frank, 15,  is receiving an award for her first book, "One Chance."

The book centers around a young girl who uses a magical stone to travel back in time to find her parents.

Frank's novel is being recognized by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

"I thought it was a joke honestly," Frank said. "I was like 'oh my gosh, I actually won.' It didn't seem real. It was like a dream."

Frank said she started writing the book in fifth grade. By the time she finished all the drafts and rewrites, she was in high school.

Her mom was amazed that a publisher picked it up so quickly.

"She came home from camp with a business card, 'Mom, this lady wants to publish my book," laughed her mom, Gail Frank. "'Oh yeah, sure she does.' I didn't believe her."

But it was true. 

Frank will receive her award from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association next month.

Meanwhile, she's already working on the next book in her series. 

For more information about her book, click here​.