POLK COUNTY, Fla.-- The non-profit Polk Vision has expanded its youth leadership program to include teens from the Citrus Center Boys and Girls club. 

  • Polk Vision program includes Citrus teens
  • Focuses on college readiness and other skills
  • Activities include field trips and exploring popular areas

Once a week, for seven weeks, the teens explore popular destinations in Polk County and meet with business owners and public officials, including State Attorney Brian Haas, and the president of Winter Haven Hospital, Steve Nierman. 

One of the sessions also focuses on college readiness, and employability and interviewing skills. 

On Thursday, they visited Circle B Bar Reserve and learned about the environment and current issues. 

"We want to bring them out here. It's kind've interesting to see these children that don't like the bugs and everything. But how they interact and how important this land is to our water in the county, to our animals, and just our lifestyle," said Reba Coil, Polk Vision’s Leadership Polk program manager. 

"I found it fascinating to see animals free and just living their best life," said Laquion Monroe, one of the participating teens from Citrus Center Boys and Girls Club. 

The goal is to help them find future career paths and to connect them to the people who can help them become successful.

The free program is in its second year.