TAMPA, Fla. -- A small group of people camped out overnight at Tampa's Homeland Security office to protest ICE. 

  • Group camped out outside Tampa ICE office
  • Protesters calling for more ICE oversight and stop to durrent deportations
  • What is ICE? 

The protesters say U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a waste of money and they say until big changes are made or it is abolished, they aren’t going anywhere.

"We just pour billions of dollars into new technology and border guards," said protester Austin Willis, with Occupy Tampa. "And they don’t do anything except create more misery in the world and stop people from coming in to this country." 

However, that is the exact reason why ICE was created in 2003, in the wake of 9/11. 

Government statistics indicate ICE has removed thousands of terrorists and gang members from the US in its 15 years. 

Growing numbers of ICE protesters, however, call those numbers a fantasy and are calling for the abolishment of ICE. 

Protesters said ICE has had at least 2,000 allegations of rape of detainees, is actively ripping families apart and is denying people's rights of freedom of movement. 

So what does this group camped out at Tampa ICE's Cypress Street office want?

They say they want more oversight of ICE and they want an emergency hold on deportations of people in ICE custody.

The ultimate goal though - is the abolishment of ICE.

The group says they will not tear down thier camp until those demands are met.