HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- The mother who lost her daughter to a misdiagnosed stroke is blaming Hillsborough County deputies for her death.

According to newly released records, two Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies, Jacob Lamb and Michael Grace, were the first to arrive on scene at 30-year-old Crystal Galloway's home.

Galloway's mother, Nicole Black, called 911 after finding her daughter passed out in the bathroom with a swollen lip and drooling. 

Black told investigators that deputy Grace said that her daughter could possibly have a hangover and that she should just sleep it off.

Black said both deputies told her that she couldn't afford an ambulance and suggested that Black should transport her daughter to the hospital herself.

However, Deputy Lamb said that when Black asked him if paramedics would transport her daughter, Lamb replied "probably," and added "she should go."

Lamb also said that Black asked him if she would have to pay for the ambulance, in which he told her that she would have to pay for it.

Lamb did not recall any more from that conversation, however, Deputy Grace did.

Grace said that he remembers Deputy Lamb telling Black that ambulance rides are expensive. He said the decision to transport Galloway should be made by her.

When four Hillsborough paramedics arrived, they carried Galloway downstairs and placed her in her mother's car.

Galloway was suffering from a brain bleed and died a few days later.

Monday, Hillsborough Administrator Mike Merrill said that the paramedics were suspended for not doing their job.

"My guys did a lot of things wrong here, and we take responsibility. From the record I have, that’s not one of the things that they did wrong," Merrill said. "They did not engage in any conversation about cost. We would not do that in any case."

The Hillsborough Sheriff's Office closed the case stating that there was no violation of policy.

A supervisor said that neither deputy offered medical advice and Black's allegations against the deputies are unfounded.