It's out with the old and in with the new at a barbershop in St. Petersburg.

  • Tim's Barber Shop had same chairs for 90 years
  • New chairs arrived at the shop this week
  • Owner hopes shop maintains its old-time decor

Tim's Barber Shop has had the same chairs since there opening in 1926.

"A real piece of St. Pete history, absolutely," said owner Tim, who didn't give his last name.

But Wednesday, new chairs arrived at the front door.

While the shop has had location changes, the decor has stayed the same, including the original Coke machines and a 1940s pay phone.

Tim explained that upgraded services means upgraded equipment.

While the chairs served many people during their 92-year life span, they were no longer functional.

"With the hot lather shaves and the straight razor and the hot towels with the hot cream, the chair has to go all the way back. None of these chairs go back anymore," Tim said.

So it was time to say goodbye. 

The new chairs are modern but fit the look and feel of the old-timey barbershop, but the old ones won't be forgotten.

"We've got six, seven, eight people lined up to buy them off us. Some people want to buy them all," Tim said.

The first to get a fresh haircut in one of the new chairs was Tim's son, Tim.