NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- The Kiddy Up Ranch in New Port Richey offers animal therapy for kids with disabilities. 

  • The ranch uses animal therapy to help kids with disabilities
  • Orginally located in New Port Richey
  • Forced to relocated after neighbors filed complaints

The organization is now moving to a new location after neighbors complained about its original spot.

It may be 90 degrees, but that didn't stop volunteers from helping fix up what will soon be the new location for Kiddy Up Ranch in Hudson.

“This farm means a lot of myself and my son," Elizabeth Haigh, a parent. "When we heard they had to move, we were willing to give our time and anything we could do to get the place up and running."

Haigh's son is one of dozens of kids who ride horses at Kiddy Up Ranch for therapy. She was devastated when the ranch owners found out they may have to close or move.

"I think it was awful. We loved where we were. But everything happens for a reason," Haigh said.

Owner Tammy Sliger and her husband searched for weeks to find a new spot.

Pasco County told them they had a zoning violation at their New Port Richey location after neighbors complained.

Kiddy Up Ranch had been at the New Port Richey location for seven years. 

Instead of fighting it, the owners found a new spot in Hudson. 

"What we thought would be complete adversity has turned into an opportunity for our therapy program and for our ranch to flourish," Slinger said. "We're excited now." 

But it will take some work, money and a lot of volunteers over the next few weeks to complete the move.

The families say it's worth it.

"They're giving up their Sunday to come out in the heat to paint, put up fencing and plant flowers just to make it what we created at the other location," Sliger said.

If you can help Kiddy Up Ranch with donations or volunteering, visit their website.