CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Before the "Rally for Justice" for Markeis McGlockton, Trayvon Martin's parents met McGlockton's family for the first time.

  • Trayvon Martin's parents meet Markeis McGlockton's family
  • Stand Your Ground rally and protest held in Clearwater
  • McGlockton was shot, killed during an argument over parking space

Both families now share the same struggle of having their loved one shot and killed, and the Stand Your Ground law preventing the killer from being punished.

McGlockton was shot and killed in a convenience store parking lot during an argument over a parking space. The Pinellas County Sheriff says according to Florida's Stand Your Ground law, he cannot arrest alleged gunman Michael Drejka.

The case has been handed over to the state attorney to decide if charges will be filed against Drejka.

McGlockton's father called the lunch with Trayvon's family uplifting. He said he was grateful they traveled so far to be with them.

"They gave us a lot of different avenues on what we can do as far as dealing with the tough days," Michael McGlockton said. "Some things that we can do. One of the good things they said was to rely on the Bible."

McGlockton's mother said the past couple of weeks have been rough, but she said seeing the community's support has made her feel better. It warmed her heart that Trayvon's parents vowed to be by their side as they fight for justice.

"It made me feel like I had someone who could go through something I'm going through," Monica Robinson said. "I'm really glad that they came. And showing us support. It meant a lot."

McGlockton's parents said they remain hopeful for an arrest. They said they are demanding justice and won't stop until they get it.