DUNEDIN, Fla.-- Many consider books to be a window to the world, which is why the Dunedin Public Library makes sure even its homebound patrons can get their hands on their favorites through its homebound delivery program.

  • Dunedin library program delivers books to homebound patrons
  • Librarians hand select the books for deliveries
  • About 20 people currently participate in program

Librarian Carolyn Ross is one of several employees at the library who hand-selects books for deliveries.

"A lot of people, they're sort of resistant to the program because that means they're not coming into the library. But we try to do our best to bring the library to them," Ross said.

The library has about 20 people currently participating in the program. Among them is Dunedin resident Susan Arendell.

"I appreciate the service so much because without transportation, your world gets very small," Arendell said.

"They open up new worlds," Ross said. "So even if you're not able to travel a lot in the life you're living now, you can read books that are set all over the world."

For information on how you can sign up for the library’s homebound delivery service, click here.