TAMPA, Fla.-- A Bay Area organization that helps young adults with autism is taking its mission on the road.

  • Artista's Mobile Café run mainly by employees with autism
  • The café has just opened for busines
  • Employee says the job has helped with independence & social skills

Artista's Mobile Café, which is run mainly by employees on the autism spectrum, just opened for business.

Before the windows even open at the café, Remmick Wadsworth is hard at work.

"Checking off all the ingredients we have beforehand stocking them up," Wadsworth said. "And once they're all premade we have to load everything up on the truck."

Wadsworth has been part of Artista's café the last seven years but this is the first time he and his colleagues have taken the café on the road. All of the employees are on the Autism spectrum and along with their supervisor, are responsible for the entire operation.

"We are here to show that individuals with autism make great employees and that they have their passion and when you find they're passion they're amazing at it," café director Adrienne Smith said.

Smith said 90 percent of people with autism are unemployed.

"Which is massive especially when one in 59 is diagnosed with autism so we are really focused on creating pathways to employment," Smith said.

Smith, along with the organization 'Autism Shifts', is hoping to change that.

Remmick Wadsworth said the café has not only given him a paycheck but helps with independence and social skills.

"A lot of our team members, when they're given the proper instructions and walked through it, we can be very focused even more so than other people," Wadsworth said.

Wadsworth encourages other businesses to hire employees on the autism spectrum and help open doors to new opportunities.

Artista's Mobile Café is looking for sponsors and bookings. If you'd like to help or learn more, click here to visit their website, or email events@artistascafe.com.