PARKLAND, Fla. -- The confession video from Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the February shooting deaths at Parkland High School, has been released to the public.

In the video, Cruz said he wished to die and talked about the voices in his head the months and night that led up to the massacre of 17 people on Feb. 14.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Safety Commission also met Wednesday and touched on Cruz's behavioral issues.

The 217-page transcript from the interview was released Monday, and Cruz was guarded in his answers.

On tape, Cruz asked to be killed and talked about how he had twice before tried to commit suicide.

He also said he started hearing voices after his father's death when he was young.

Attorneys representing Cruz did not want the video released because it could prevent a fair trial.

Now that the information is out in the public, commission members said they have to be very careful as to what is said during the final days of their investigation.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told the group how Cruz behaved differently through the years and said that made it difficult for school officials to handle him.

"It's an absolute rollercoaster as it relates to Cruz really from birth to February of this year," the sheriff said. "And he had some really, really bad times, and there were times that he was without behavioral issues and without these manifestations of some of these other issues that occurred."

Gualtieri said the panel on Thursday will look deeper into Cruz's behavior.

The meeting will be a closed door session.