KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- There was a full house inside of the Osceola Arts Wednesday as incumbent Congressman Darren Soto and former Congressman Alan Grayson had a face off.

Both democrats are fighting for the seat in District 9.

Spectrum News’ Ybeth Bruzual and Eric Levy led the debate with a number of questions for the candidates, such as affordable housing…

“We need to be more creative, micro-apartments, we need to make sure we convince developers to actually make houses from $120-180k. But it's also about wages, lifting up the minimum wage, lifting up livable wages, and giving people access to higher paying jobs so they can afford housing around here,” said Rep. Soto.

Grayson, a former congressman for District 8 and District 9, spoke about some of his former policies.

“I also instituted the mandatory mediation program that saved thousands of families from foreclosure, cut foreclosures in half in the first year that it was in effect -- so successful it was adopted statewide,” he said.

The candidates were asked about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and President Donald Trump’s possible involvement.

Rep. Soto says there needs to be concrete evidence.

“The only way to impeach the president right now in this congress is to have charges that will stick with findings from impartial law enforcement, who have been charged to do that … if those come back with high crimes, I will be the first to vote for impeachment, and we may be able to get Republican colleagues to come along, but until then we already had two votes, and it unfortunately failed miserably,” he stated.

But Grayson has a different opinion.

“Watergate was breaking into a file cabinet, alright? This is breaking into thousands and tens of thousands of email accounts and people's Facebook pages. This is so far beyond that it’s ridiculous. What is my opponent waiting for? Where is it in the constitution that says wait for Mueller. I am sorry, but I missed that clause,” Grayson said.

The primary election is on Aug. 28.

The winner will run against Republican Wayne Liebnitzky of St. Cloud, who goes straight to the November ballot since he is unopposed.