TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Dept. of Transportation announced Thursday that SunPass has processed more than 281 million backlogged toll road transactions.

It takes the backlog number down to 32 million transactions.

Conduent, the private contractor hired to handle SunPass toll collections, began making the switch to a new customer service system in June.

But millions of transactions were left unprocessed while the switch happened, meaning customers were not seeing those tolls posted to their accounts.

FDOT is not charging penalties or fees while the transactions clear. The state also said it would help customers who are dealing with overdraft fees and other issues from banks and credit card companies.

In the meantime, FDOT says customers using automatic withdrawal or Easy Pay should change their settings.

To change your settings, you should access your account on the SunPass website. If you can't, contact SunPass at 1-888-865-5352.