TAMPA, Fla. —  As students return to school in Hillsborough County, they'll notice an armed security officer protecting the campus.

  • Few woman applying for SRO positions
  • Out of 166 applicants, 28 are women
  • District leaders: No women who applied have been turned away

And more than likely, that officer will be a man.

According to statistics released from the Hillsborough County Public School District, women are not applying for the job.

Since June, out of 51 officers going through training, six are women, which is about 12 percent.

School Security Chief John Newman said it's not surprising.

"You look at law enforcement, law enforcement in general, females are always underrepresented," Newman said.

But Newman said the school district's numbers will go up because there are women officers waiting for training. 

Out of 166 applicants, 28 are women.

District leaders said no women who applied have been turned away. They are just not applying as often as men.

"We were mothers once, sisters, grandmothers, we all have a vested interest in the children," said School Security Officer Kris Abel. "We'd like females to stand up and answer the call."

As of now, the school security chief said there's no strategy to hire more female officers, and they are just looking for the best applicants.