PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla.-- It's back to school time and this year, Pinellas County Schools celebrates opening the district's first technical school.

  • District will open it's first technical school
  • Pinellas Technical High at Seminole will open Aug. 9
  • Offers students a hands-on approach to learning & training

Pinellas Technical High School at Seminole will open to the class of 2021 when the new school year starts, Aug. 9.

Teachers have been spending the last few days before school begins getting their classrooms ready for the big day.

Principal, Martha Giancola gave Spectrum Bay News 9 a sneak peek.

"It's unique," said Giancola. "Students are going to be thrilled to come to school and excited."

The unique experience offers students a hands-on approach to learning and training.

Programs offered are: Building Trades and Construction Design Technology, Commercial and Digital Arts, Electricity, Nursing, Veterinary Assisting, and Game and Simulation Programming.

"I believe we need it because it gets kids ready for college and career," said Principal Giancola. "It gives them skills so as they go out of high school they can go straight into a career, they can also go into a career and earn their way and pay their way through college."

Students will get core curriculum while concentrating on their program, all with the potential of graduating with industry certification.

"When I go out and talk to business people, they are thrilled that we are putting students into their paths for opportunity for employment that already have these skills," said Jiancola.

Skills Jiancola hopes will put students on the path to success.

To learn more about Pinellas Technical High School, click here.