SARASOTA BAY, Fla. -- The view may look appealing, but to many nearby residents around Sarasota Bay, it isn’t.

Fish kill at the shores of Sarasota Bay is substantial, but residents in the area say that it’s been worse.

Resident Marilyn Batten, who has a front row seat to the scenery, says Sunday was a “good day.”

So how do you remove the dead and decaying sea life that comes ashore?

Spectrum News spoke to officials at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and this is their advice:

If there are any dead dolphins, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will come and remove the carcass.

Other sea mammals and large fish will be removed by the FWC.

For the rest, each county is responsible for clearing it away from public beaches and park.

In private areas, the rules vary and county to county, and residents or the homeowner’s association must clean it up.

If you need to report fish kill or any other wildlife alert, contact these hotlines:

Wildlife Alert Hotline


Fish Kill Hotline