ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Statewide Poll is showing Floridian's are pretty split on their approval of President Donald Trump. 

A recent exclusive decision Presidential Poll showed about 42 percent of the population approve of President Trump while 50 percent disapprove, and according Political experts, that's something we are seeing nationwide as well.

"That Poll is pretty much equal what we are seeing nationwide," said Political Science Professor Aubrey Jewett. "The President has been averaging around the low 40s for approval and about the low 50s for disapproval."

Breaking down the polling numbers in Florida further, the President’s approval rate was lowest among women vs. men and overwhelmingly low with a 82 percent disapproval rating among the Black Community. Other minority groups like Hispanic Non-Cuban voters with a 62 percent disapproval rating. 

Political experts say those numbers aren’t too unique to Florida. 

"Most of his support comes from white voters, more specifically white Republican voters who support him at around 80-90 percent and I believe that's where most of his core is. Minority voters not so much." Professor Jewett explained. 



Now Professor Jewett says the real question is how all these Presidential Polling numbers impact Florida, because although he isn't on the ballot, President Trump is encouraging voters to come to the ballot box, and vote for his endorsed candidates. 

"If he continues to be relatively unpopular then it will help democratic candidates running for congress or state legislature in Florida and across the country." Professor Jewett said. 

While not everyone agrees on their support for President Trump…they all agree and his approval rating will have an impact on the election. 



"He will definitely have an influence in it." St. Cloud Resident, Gregory Matthews said. 

"He's going out to rallies every week and he wants to be part of that process and when you are interjecting yourself as President you are going to have an impact." Orlando resident Lawrence Sloan said.