PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- An off-duty Coast Guard helicopter pilot rescued two people from the water near John's Pass on Saturday.

  • Coast Guard helicopter pilot rescues two people
  • Man and woman found in the water near John's Pass
  • Pilot was off-duty at the time of the incident

Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Justin Pacheco was with his family on their boat when he noticed something.

Two people, a 51-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, were in the water after their 22-foot boat capsized.

"We came around the corner, and I saw a blue stripe going up in the air," Pacheco said. "It was the nose of the boat. I thought, that doesn't look right."

Pacheco and his family immediately called 911, authorities said.

Pacheco then guided his boat to the two people and pulled them out of the water.

A Pinellas County Sheriff's Office marine unit and a Seminole Fire Rescue boat crew also responded to the scene.  

The two people were transported to Medeira Beach Marina. No injuries were reported.

The capsized boat is still in the water and poses a hazard to navigation, authorities said.