WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — An apparent case of mistaken identity led to a 34-year-old man chasing after an Uber early Tuesday -- and then being shot to death. 

  • Deputies: Uber driver shoots man pursuing his vehicle
  • Sheriff: Jason Boek mistakenly thought girlfriend was in Uber
  • Boek claimed he had a gun, Uber driver told investigators

Investigators said 34 year-old Jason Boek was outside the New Grove Lounge on Highway 27 stalking his girlfriend who was inside the bar.

About that time, investigators said Boek’s girlfriend and a bartender helped get a female customer into an Uber car because she had too much to drink.

Investigators also noted that the two women do not know each other. 

Sheriff Grady Judd said Boek thought it was his girlfriend in the Uber and followed it and began sending threatening text messages to the girlfriend that included beating the Uber driver.

A dashcam video from inside the Uber car shows Boek using his pickup to force the Uber to stop.

The Uber driver, Robert Westlake, 38, told deputies that he thought Boek was trying to run him off the road. 

Investigators said Boek stopped his truck in the middle of the road, forcing Westlake to stop his car. 

In the dashcam video, Boek can be heard threatening to shoot Westlake after getting out of his truck. 

Investigators also said Boek yelled that he had a pistol as he approached Westlake. 

At that point, Westlake, a concealed weapon permit holder and a licensed armed security guard, pulled out his gun and fired one shot at Boek, according to Judd. 

After Boek was shot, Westlake called 911 and began CPR, authorities said. Westlake can be heard on a 9-1-1 call explaining what happened.

“He ran me off the road. Jumped out of his vehicle. I couldn’t get away. He came towards me. Shouted he’s got a pistol.  Reached for his waistband uh, I, I fired one shot from my pistol.”

The passenger in the Uber told Spectrum Bay News 9 she was grateful that Westlake kept anything bad from happening to her.

Officials also said that neither Westlake nor the Uber rider knew Boek. 

Judd said Boek's criminal history includes previous arrests for aggravated battery, battery, burglary, marijuana possession, forgery, larceny, resisting arrest and violation of probation. 

Judd believes it is a classic case of stand your ground self defense even though Boek only had a cell phone in his hand.

“Here’s a message for the hot heads of the community. Don’t do that stuff. Good people carry guns. And they will shoot you a lot. Grave yard dead,” Judd said. 

The investigation remains ongoing.