POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Four Polk County schools tested positive for high lead levels in their water this past week.

  • District supplying bottled water to affected schools
  • Lead pipes banned in buildings since 1986
  • School district has ordered more testing 

The district is now supplying bottled water to Winston Academy of Engineering, Cleveland Court Elementary, Union Academy and Inwood Elementary until the problem can be corrected.

Lead pipes have been banned in buildings since 1986. At the time, schools were tested for lead, and the district says the problems were corrected.

However, recent testing uncovered elevated lead levels, and the district has ordered further tests.

“In light of the recent findings, we decided to backtrack through the entire district again and test all of the water samples to make sure the children are receiving safe water,” said Rory Lucy, maintenance services manager for Polk County Schools. 

Test results are expected Tuesday. The district plans to test all 150 schools for lead.